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New Medicines in Ophthalmology

Our Company

We are a pre-clinical stage ophthalmology company developing our new mechanism of action medicines for corneal surgeries and chronic retinal conditions

Our Science

Our new mechanism immunomodulatory drugs delivered by SmartCelle target pain and inflammation at the front and back of the eye

Our Indications

SmartCelle TA-A001 addresses the severe pain of keratoconus surgery, PRK and Cataract removal

Glaucoma, dry-eye and retinal diseases are also in our sights


Phone: 514 883 3447



TALLC Corporation Announces Grant of New SmartCelle Patent for
Enhanced Ocular Delivery of TA-A001

Tetra Bio-Pharma and Altus Formulation Form New Company “TALLC” to Exploit TA-A001

TALLC Innovation in Vision

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