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TA-A001 is TALLC’s non-scheduled, proprietary small molecule new mechanism of action anti-inflammatory analgesic that selectively and potently activates human CB2  receptors. Synergistic with NSAIDs but lacking their negative effects on wound healing TA-A001 displays potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects in gold standard models of incisional surgery, uveitis and progressive vitreoretinopathy without the risks of dependency or increased intra-ocular pressure produced by opioid or corticosteroid drugs. TALLC is developing SmartCelle TA-A001 to improve the pain, inflammation and long term outcomes of corneal cross-linking keratoconus surgery, PRK and Cataract surgery


TA-A002 is a CB2/CB1 agonist with a bias for the CB1 receptor. TALLC is developing SmartCelle TA-A002 as a topical treatment for chronic back of eye diseases including glaucoma and age-related macula degeneration



TA-A003 is a commercially available COX-2 inhibitor currently marketed in tablet form only. TALLC is developing a SmartCelle formulation of TA-A003 as a topical treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration.


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TALLC Corporation Announces Grant of New SmartCelle Patent for
Enhanced Ocular Delivery of TA-A001

Tetra Bio-Pharma and Altus Formulation Form New Company “TALLC” to Exploit TA-A001

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