The Human CB2 Receptor and its Role in the Eye

A New Target for Controlling Pain, Inflammation and Disease

CB2R are expressed throughout the eye where they control pain and inflammation arising from a wide range of procedures and diseases. 

TA-A001 is a highly selective activator of human CB2 Receptors found throughout the eye

Formulated with micellar SmartCelle technology, TA-A001 displayed rapid long-lasting potent analgesic anti-inflammatory properties in gold standard models of keratoconus and PRK surgeries and suppressed inflammatory mediators, adhesion molecules and immune cell accumulation in models of corneal neuropathic pain and uveitis. TA-A001 also reduced disease severity in a proliferative vitreoretinopathy model again inhibiting immune cell binding and accummulation and lowering inflammatory mediators.

Unlike NSAIDS and steroids TA-A001 has no negative effects on wound healing or intra-ocular pressure.

TA-A001: A New Mechanism Immunomodulatory Drug

  • Proprietary new molecular entity (NME) with nano-molar affinity for the human CB2 receptor (CB2R), a GPCR known to control pain and inflammation for which it is a full agonist.
  • Highly selective for CB2R showing no off-target activity in the CEREP panel of 64 GPCR and no CB1 receptors (CB1R) activity
  • Displays no psychoactive effects and is not a controlled substance
  • Potency ten-fold greater than NSAIDS and analgesia equivalent to opioids
  • Low probability for drug/interactions or effects on the heart.
  • Well tolerated after intravenous and topical (ocular) administration.
  • Not an efflux substrate
  • Strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory synergy with cyclo-oxygenase inhibitors allowing NSAID sparing.
  • No delaying effect on wound healing and may promote wound closure
  • Anti-angiogenic effect
  • Patent applications in the USA covering its composition, method of manufacture and uses pending


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